Friday, April 23, 2010

Spirit Tags

I needed to create items for Ten Women Venice Gallery that were inexpensive but creative and not a greeting card.
I read from the Daily Word every day which is my way of keeping in spirit and in gratitude.  This is where I got inspired to do Spirit Tags to hang on my tree at the gallery.  I generally use the alphabet inspired by my calligraphic background so I started with a letter and added a phrase from the Daily Word.  Then I collaged the tags adding ephemera, fiber, ribbon, lace, etc. making a tag that will carry words that touch the spirit in all of us.  A simple solution I thought and they were fun to make.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm so blessed!

I've been trying to do a new post for over a week now but just haven't been able to find the time to sit down at one time to post.  I'm blessed to be very busy with calligraphy work and although I try, I can't do it all.
So what I decided to do is add a paragraph or two, post a photo or two and combine several things into one post throughout the day today.

My first subject is the fundraiser for A Place to Bark...
I started receiving the artwork for the book I will be creating and auctioning, all proceeds to go to "Bark".  I can't explain how wonderful it feels to receive a package knowing what is inside...the excitement of opening and viewing each page and marveling at how fabulous  and unique each work of art is.  Based on what I've received so far, this book is going to be amazing.  Here's is what I've received so far...I will post the other pages as I receive them.  I believe there will be up to 40 artists contributing to this worthy cause.

Nancy Lefko

Martha Lever

Denise Bledsoe (unfortunately does not have a website or blog but is one of my favorite art doll artists whom I've been collecting for years and is now a resident artist at Ten Women Venice)

Megan Hoover


I finished my page last week and this past Sunday I adopted's my precious little girl.  The irony is brilliant!

Molly is 8 lbs. of love.  She was really meant to be with us.  I truly believe that.

I first found her online, spoke to the gal in charge and then lost the site and couldn't find it again to show my husband.
My grandson James came over Sunday and we thought it would be a good idea for him to share the experience of visiting the shelters with us.  We first went to a local shelter and the dogs we were interested in weren't available yet or too big for our space and it wouldn't be fair to the dog.  The shelters hold strays for a period of time in case the owner should claim them.  So without ever seeing Molly's picture , Jon suggested we go downtown to where I saw "that dog" earlier in the week.  So, off we went.

Dawn, the gal I had spoken with over the phone, was just pulling up in a van with several dogs that had just been neutered.  I introduced myself  and reminded her of our conversation a few days earlier and she said "I knew I brought June Bug back for a reason".  June Bug was the name that was given to Molly at the shelter.  She said that normally they leave them over night after surgery but she felt compelled to bring her back with her.  The timing was almost perfectly orchestrated because we weren't there but 5 minutes before all three of us fell in love at the same time after June Bug (Molly) came into the room.  It took all of 20 minutes to adopt her and again, off we went on our way home with our new baby girl.

Molly is a dream come true.  She's a really good natured, well behaved, friendly, happy and lovable little gal and we are very blessed to have her in our lives.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's been awhile

A technique I learned in Julie Thompson's class at ArtandSoul Las Vegas, came in very handy to create the frame for this heart.  It's taking foam core board and making it look like worn wood which was exactly what I wanted to frame this textured heart made out of polymer clay and wrapped in rusted wire.  The little branch is natural from just outside my front door that had dried and calling to be used.  Behind the heart is layers of collage book pages, rusted mesh screening, resin with Egyptian glass specs and finally a sheet of mica to cover.  I really enjoyed creating this piece.

Along with the piece above I made another frame to fit this paper/fabric collage that I had created, inspired by JoAnna Pierotti.  It's hard to tell but there are about half a dozen layers under the calligraphic layer and still another of mica on top.  I just noticed that the chain is wrapped around the much for my photographic abilities.  But, there is a lovely bead at the end of the chain on the right that's suppose to hang. 

I'm usually working with lots of color as that is what I am attracted to.  However, I have to admit that monochromatic now and then is really rewarding and calming to my eye. 

But, just to stay true to myself and love of is another piece I did which was inspired by work I saw on someone's blog while perusing.   I guess I got distracted while I was admiring this artist's work, went somewhere else and couldn't remember where to find her again.  So, before I forgot I tried to do a rendition of what my brain remembered.  What I found intriguing was that I could use my calligraphy.  If anyone recognizes this and can direct me to the artist I would like to thank her for her inspiration.