Friday, May 7, 2010

And still more fur Bark

In true Julie whimsy style

And in classic Lisa Engelbrecht style

I'm expecting about 10 more donated pieces that I'm excited to receive.  I'll be starting on the construction very soon and I have some wonderful ideas in mind.  There will probably be a title page, acknowledgment and content page, maybe some quotes all in original calligraphy and photos.  Each artist will have a cover page introducing them...this book is going to be awesome with all this incredible art as the focal interest.
At the moment the only thing that has me stumped is the cover but I feel confident that when I get there it will reveal itself to me.  At least I'm counting on that to happen.  

This project has been something I've been talking about for quite awhile and for it to be nearing it's completion is so thrilling.  I have such a sensitive passion for the animals and have done many things over the years to try and help in a small way.  At one time I had 5 cats and 2 dogs that I was sponsoring in my apartment and looking for homes for.  All but one got adopted and my Gabby girl is still with me.



jone hallmark said...

Hi Renee-
I saw Julie's piece on her blog and wondered if you still are looking for artwork for your fundraising effort.
My blog is:
I do not have a lot of my paintings and drawings on there, but would love to send you something, if you are still looking. I do not know if you have a specific deadline, but I would love to do it, if you would like.
Please let me know your thoughts....
Jone Hallmark

Jane Farr said...

This book is going to be awesome Renee! Beautiful new pages from Julie and Lisa.