Sunday, May 2, 2010

More for A Place to Bark

This week I received these wonderful contributions for A Place to Bark Fundraiser.  They will make a fabulous addition to the ever growing book that I will be creating and auctioning off in the very near future. 

There are no words to describe my excitement and anticipation when I open the mail to find another piece of incredible art that has been so generously donated to help this worthy cause. 

The deadline is getting close and arriving quickly.  I truly hope that everyone who has agreed to participate will do so.  It's going to be an incredible book filled with original art from wonderfully creative artists. 

I am so impressed with everyone's eagerness to help.  Bernie Berlin, the owner of A Place to Bark is very much in need of donations to help complete the facility that houses hundreds of homeless animals that have been rescued from puppy mills and kills shelters. 
Bernie's plight is an awesome undertaking and I was compelled to do my part in helping even in some small way such as this. I am very sensitive to all animal rescue causes and give a little to several of the rescue missions monthly.

I have two kitties, Tallulah and Gabby, that are no longer homeless.

and now Molly...

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Lisa Holtzman said...

Wonderful, wonderful art, so inspiring. What a fantastic cause. Thank you Renee for having the heart to undertake this project and help the animals that need it.