Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next to the last ones

Xandra Zamora

Shelley Kenny
Sharon Tomlinson

Pattie Mosca

Monica Zuniga

Misty Mawn

Patricia van Essche

KC Willis

Carla Sonheim

Lisa Holtzman

I have one more artwork due to arrive any day from someone who wanted to participate and joined in at the last minute... and that I believe will be it!

Can you believe all this incredible art that will fill the pages of the book? :O)   There will be 32 pages of such wonderfully diverse interpretation of the theme, Heart of our Kindred Spirits.  I feel so blessed and am in so much gratitude.
I have all the pages together in alphabetical order but I must say that I have one page in particular to take the lead.  It's just screaming out to be the opening piece of art...Patricia van Essche's "will Bark for a Place".  I think it's just perfect for what it's for so I'm making an exception to let one page be out of order.

All the boards and materials are purchased and just waiting to be cut down to size.  But first I think I'll make a prototype in light weight card board to make sure it will all work out.  Also, I have most of the wording worked out for the title page, acknowledgments, credits and content, and what the book is about.  It should end up having around 37 pages in all.  I am also looking into having the book put into a printed version.  I must have a copy of it for myself and so many of the artists are requesting one as well.  I'll take orders once I get the prices worked out.

This project is bringing me so much joy.  It's something I've been talking about doing for quite awhile and intuitively knew it was what I needed to do.  I'm so pleased that the opportunity is now.

Stay tuned as the journey continues....xxxxoooo


Heather said...

oh wow!!! aren't they all creative. I love will bark for a place! - perfect.
i can't wait to purchase these....what could be a better gift! Renee - great job!!!!!!!!

pve design said...

Wow. I am impressed. You had a dream and you took the leap of faith. You put the word out, you asked and you recieved!
I am in awe and am honored to be included.

lori vliegen said...

wow, renee......these pages are gorgeous!!! and i SO agree.....the artwork that patricia did is perfect for the front of the book!!! :))