Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And, the Winner is...

I'm so excited to announce that the auction ended today with a resounding "yeah" from me.  I hit my mark!  When I posted the book on Ebay I had a reserve of $1,000 with hopes that it would well exceed that mark but was willing to compromise.  This was a big lesson in 'ask and you shall receive' for me.  I will always wonder what if I would have reserved for more...

The winner is Johanna F. from Boca Raton, Florida.  Now, you have to understand that this book is my baby and letting it go is a bit difficult.  So, in my mind I'm asking "who is this woman, Johanna, will she take good care of my baby, treat it with the respect it deserves, treasure it...yaddy, yaddy, yadda".  I have to admit that there was a part of me that didn't want to sell it at all so I put in the first bid.  I truly believe that it is worth millions, if not in dollar amounts, definitely in what went into it.

I'm sure Johanna has a huge, loving and kind heart to bid so high.  The cause is great and so is the book.  I know it to be a testament to what can be done when artists get together for a common good, to pay it forward to help a fellow artist in her quest to help our kindred spirits...a cause that is particularly close to my own heart.

This entire experience has been awesome.  I definitely want to continue doing something to contribute so I will be doing a printed version of the book and possibly other items where a percentage will continue to give back.  I'm also thinking of trying my hand at painting animals and doing my own book.  Just a thought.  I'm letting God guide me here.

My ever lasting love and gratitude to all the artists that said 'yes' when I asked them to give a little piece of themselves so I could put this project together will forever remain a high point in my life.   The love and generosity is heart felt...a big thank you with hugs and kisses to the 28 artists who contributed to the book.

So, after 4-5 months of anticipation, the results are in....I'm a happy camper. 
Much love always,

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Place to Bark at Capacity!

A Place to Bark at capacity...watch this!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Finally on Ebay

To bid on this fabulous book here's the link to Ebay where it is listed....Please pass the word on.  Thanks in advance....

Monday, June 14, 2010


This piece is called Memories.  It's mixed media collage portrait on canvas created for Ten Women Gallery Venice.  I get the window at the gallery in July and I wanted  to create a few new pieces to put in it.  This is the first of 3 that I finished for that purpose.
Turning 65 next year and still in touch with many of my childhood friends we talk a lot about the way it used to be and how fortunate we are to have been part of a wonderful era where it was much safer and simpler.  Being born and raised in New York was a magical time where you knew everyone on your block and everyone looked out for each other.  Life is so different now and it will grow more and more detached as the
years pass.
My "Memories" piece is my looking back and holding on to those experiences that will always make me proud and grateful to have been part of a generation when life was much more naive and trusting and it was a great to be an American.

Friday, June 4, 2010

All the pages are ready for binding...but wait!

This is the opening title page

The title page without the overlay

This page created by Patricia van Essche that I thought was so perfect as a lead in is page 2.

Page 3 Dedication...had to get some calligraphy in somewhere ;o)
Page 4 the list of participating artists and contact information.

After finishing all the signatures and preparing to add the cover paper to the construction I put it all aside as something didn't seem right to me. 
The spine at 4 1/2" would not accommodate all the pages comfortably.  I realized this at 2:00 a.m. when I woke from a deep sleep to the relief that I had not yet started sewing the art into the spine.  I needed to construct the book all over again but with the spine at 6" this time.  

The problem, as I finally realized, was that some of the art was created out of fabric and some from a very heavy stock which made the signatures wider then the others which would not layout evenly throughout.  I will have to create the holes for sewing individually as I go however the spacing will be more evenly distributed with the larger spine size.  This is going to be one heck of a book!

With the new construction started and a new covering made, I will be going forward to start sewing the signatures onto the binding next.  I will have to remember to breathe along the way as it is pretty daunting working with everyone's artwork.  I know everyone put trust in me to see this project through and the pressure feels enormous right now.  However, I have confidence that it will all turn out wonderful and perfect once I get over the hurdle of sewing in the artwork.  

The hand sewing was the only part I felt hesitant about.  Because of my progressive rheumatoid arthritis my hands are limiting my mind.  Where I once took so much pride that my hands could create anything my mind envisioned I try not to dwell on the potential limitations that RA could cause in my life.  I feel blessed that I am still able to do a lot of art projects and I stay focused on today and not what could potentially happen. 

So, moving right along, this wonderful project has brought me so much joy and fulfillment even with the challenges...I will forever be grateful to be able to complete a long time desire to help our kindred spirits and for the contribution received from each generous artist. 

Stay tuned for the completion....hopefully very soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sharon Tomlinson new online class

Sharon Tomlinson, one of the contributors to A Place to Bark fundraiser project, started a fabulous new online class...Faces in technicolor.  I just wanted everyone to know that it's definitely worth popping over to learn more about it.  Or, better yet, sign up for the class...I am.  She's a fabulous artist and teacher.