Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Custom created birth announcement

For 20+ years I've been creating custom framed birth announcement keepsakes where I take the original birth announcement card and design a theme around it in a 3 dimensional collage fashion using my sculpted letters to create the baby's name and go from there.  Grandmothers are my best customers.  

Usually the baby's announcement has boats, teddy bears, toys, cribs, quilts and the like and I play with around with that theme.  This birth announcement was for twins and had no theme.  The only thing I had to go on was the colors of the babies room which is orange, green and yellow and the twins were not the same sex.  It took me a long time to design this keepsake.  It was quite a challenge for me. 

This was created for a 4 time return customer which I am very grateful for.  It is much larger being 18x20 as opposed to 14x16 that I'm accustomed to.  I'm just waiting on the plexiglass to arrive to complete the framing.  I use plexi because it's much safer being hung in a baby's room and it's lighter in weight for shipping. 

All in all, I totally enjoy creating these one of a kind keepsakes.


lori vliegen said...

what precious little babies!!! this artwork is perfect....and perfectly done by you, renee!!! xox, :))

Joanna Pierotti said...

I can see that this was a lot of work and a lot planning in the design. Well, you did a wonderful piece and a keepsake...but when the twins grow up, who gets this to keep?
xo joanna


what a magical keepsake...just stunning :)