Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Window at Ten Women Venice

I've been exhausted since the auction ended, mailing off the book to it's new owner, rushing to get new paintings finished and doing the window at the gallery for July.  It's been emotionally draining as well as physical but here it is 11 days later finally feeling a wee bit normal...and today I just sold the Gratitude painting (girl in pink dress) and she is off to live in London.  It does make it all worth it.

The theme for July window is "The F Word" Femininity (or France or ????).  I am sharing the window with Peggy, our wire artist so everything is about women.  Peggy makes incredible dresses, shoes, faces and figures
all by twisting thin colored wire into shape.  It's truly amazing but she doesn't have a website or blog unfortunately.  I'm going to have to bug her a bit more about that.  The French doll in the right hand corner I made about 5 years ago.  She is quite large and fits in the window so perfectly with the theme.  She is one doll I thoroughly enjoyed creating and I love the statement she makes being so large. 

My next project which I started working on is a printed version of the fundraiser book.  It will continue to pay it forward...

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Joanna Pierotti said...

Hi Renee, thanks for stopping by with your encouraging words. Speaking of words - LOVE the window display. Your work is so beautiful. I hope one day I can visit this gallery. It looks so amazing. I LOVE your painted ladies, just beautiful. How wonderful the pink dressed lady is off to London. Keep up your incredible work!! Hope you are getting some needed rest.
xo joanna