Monday, July 26, 2010

KC Willis

Last week end I took a workshop with KC Willis and had a great time.  It was a small class in the private home of Mikki in Sherman Oaks.  There were 5 of us including KC and I really liked the intimacy of a small group of gals verses a larger class at a hotel such as Art Unraveled.  Don't get me wrong...I enjoy going to the larger workshops offered by the art conventions where the energy is outrageously high and filling where you take several different classes and mix with a whole bunch of people.  As a matter of fact, I'm signed up for 5 classes at Art and Soul in Portland in October and I am very much looking forward to it.

But, I felt like I got so much out of KC class.  I'm a slow worker and creator and there was just enough time for me to feel comfortable enough to finish 2 pieces that are now hanging on my wall.  I also learned a bunch of new techniques that are very exciting and will incorporate them into my artwork that I create for the gallery. 

My first love was fabric as I started out as a childrens clothing designer in New York.  I designed Garanimals 4x6x, and started the infants and toddler line.  I also enjoy making cloth art dolls just for the designing of the outfits.  So, when the opportunity to take KC's class in L.A. became available, I jumped at the opportunity and I'm so happy I did.


stephani gorman said...

Your pieces are just georgious! What a treat to enjoy a small class with Kc! Lucky girl!:)

Beth at Crazy4Art4u said...

I seem to be following you around LOL. First I find you on Art Books 3.0 and now I find you just finished a class with KC, whom I just discovered and will be joining her online class next week! Are we some sort of kindred spirits?
Love the two projects you finished at KC's workshop. I never thought I would get into western themed things but KC's surpasses that theme into a whole new kind of vintage look and with fabric - what could be better? I started out as a quilter - well, guess I still am really so I can't wait for her class...
Lucky you to take a class in person!