Sunday, September 26, 2010

Current art for Ten Women

 A large canvas of mixed media collage.  It's called "Look within" because the answers are always inside of us not outside.
 This is a wood collage about the only thing that truly matters...loving oneself.  It's the key to life.  Technique learned in a class with Karen Michel.

This is another Towers and Turrets collage from Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock's online class.  I've gone forward with it and created some jewelry and made a frame for it to make it mine...
 Some jewelry I made from the collages I created in the Towers and Turrets online class instructed by Deryn Mentock and Sharon Tomlinson.
 A small painting of a terrier dog...just because.
The finished framed piece from a collage created from Towers and Turrets class...  I learned the techniques for creating the frame in a class with Julie Haymaker Thompson.    It's make out of foam core board.  I will be taking 2 of her classes at Art and Soul in Portland.  She's one of my favorite artists/teachers/people.

I'm gearing up for the holiday months and will be putting new art into Ten Women Venice Gallery this week.  It will be interrupted by a trip to Art and Soul, Portland on October 4th which I am very excited about. 
So, between working on calligraphy jobs before I leave, creating new art for the gallery and packing for 5 classes at Art and Soul, I'm making a list of new things I want to work on.  Whew!... I truly think I'm A type, hyper nuts and somewhat crazy all together.  It seems like I just don't stop!  What's wrong with me?

The truth be told, I just don't get enough pleasure from other things in my life to warrant using my time.  I do enjoy spending time with my dogs (limited).  I also enjoy spending time with my grand kids who are at an age where they are busy with their own social calendar.  My friends are busy with their own lives and my husband is busy earning a living...still.  What's a gal to do but do art...and I do it most days, all day long.  I never tire of it.  I think I'm beginning to resent anything that interrupts me in my creating.  Uh oh!  Did I just say that?  Obsessive maybe?  Should I worry?  Nope!  I'm a happy camper...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts to Remember

The ' T E '  Things

As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11
because his son started kindergarten.

Another fellow was alive because it was 
His turn to bring donuts. 

One woman was late because her 
Alarm clock didn't go off in time. 

One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike
Because of an auto accident. 

One of them 
Missed his bus. 

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take
Time to change. 

Car wouldn't start. 

One couldn't 
Get a taxi. 

The one that struck me was the man who 
put on a new pair of shoes that  morning
Took the various means to get to work 
But before he got there, he developed 
a blister on his foot. 

He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. 
That is why he is alive today.
Now, when I am

– Stuck in traffic,
– Miss an elevator,
– Turn back to answer a ringing telephone
– All the little things that annoy me.

I think to myself, this is exactly where God wants me to be 
at this very moment.. 

Next time your morning seems to be going wrong,

You can't seem to find the car keys or
you hit every traffic light,
don't get mad or frustrated;
It may be just that
God is at work
watching over you.


May God continue to bless you 
With all those annoying little things 
And may you remember their possible purpose.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Birthdays

Saturday was spent celebrating my granddaughter, Izabella's 6th birthday with tons of kids, water slides, pinata bashing and lots of food and cake. 

Her birthday is actually August 25th but the party was on grandpa Jon's birthday, Sept. 11th, where a cake was presented to honor his 71st.

In a workshop with KC Willis several months ago, I learned how to make tapestry style quilt collages which are a fabulous way to make a keepsake gift.  I was working on this quilt collage on the sneak for many weeks which was not easy since Jon works at home and seldom leaves the house except to walk the dogs, plays some tennis or run to the store.  Half the time I was at my sewing machine and he didn't even notice what I was working!

The photo is a transfer onto fabric of Jon when he was 3, 1942 at Coney Island with his mom and dad.  It is one of my favorites in a handful of what was left to him after his dad passed and everything was thrown out of the family home.  It's hanging over his desk where the actual very small photo was displayed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Tower

My second Tower collage...this is so fun!  Next we make jewelry out of it...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Towers and Turrets

I'm taking an online class with Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock which is about two artists getting together fusing their art into one.  Sharon is an incredible mixed media and collage artist and Deryn is just as incredible in her jewelry making.  Together they create magic.  I highly recommend this class.

We have started out creating mixed media collage towers under Sharon's tutelage.  I'm already onto my second one as I find them adding to create.  The class just started last week so this is as far as I got. 

The next group of classes will be on how we can incorporate what we've done in Sharon's class into jewelry making instructed by Deryn.  I'm so excited at the prospects.

Bad photos by the way...will have to re-shoot or scan.