Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Birthdays

Saturday was spent celebrating my granddaughter, Izabella's 6th birthday with tons of kids, water slides, pinata bashing and lots of food and cake. 

Her birthday is actually August 25th but the party was on grandpa Jon's birthday, Sept. 11th, where a cake was presented to honor his 71st.

In a workshop with KC Willis several months ago, I learned how to make tapestry style quilt collages which are a fabulous way to make a keepsake gift.  I was working on this quilt collage on the sneak for many weeks which was not easy since Jon works at home and seldom leaves the house except to walk the dogs, plays some tennis or run to the store.  Half the time I was at my sewing machine and he didn't even notice what I was working on...duh...men!

The photo is a transfer onto fabric of Jon when he was 3, 1942 at Coney Island with his mom and dad.  It is one of my favorites in a handful of what was left to him after his dad passed and everything was thrown out of the family home.  It's hanging over his desk where the actual very small photo was displayed.


Lisa Holtzman said...

What a fantastic piece you made for Jon!!! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent. I love seeing pictures of the grandkids too, they're growing up fast!

Jane Farr said...

There's a whole lotta love in these photos! You have a special gift for making others feel loved Renee. Jon's quilt collage is beautiful - as is your family! ;)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

is there anything you make that i am not amazed at? this is wonderful!