Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art and Soul Portland

I returned home this past Sunday from ArtandSoul Portland retreat so filled with enthusiasm, inspiration and contentment that it has been challenging starting my momentum getting back to work.

I had a full week of classes with artists that I admire and follow.  It was a great pleasure to reconnect with Julie Haymaker Thompson once again and take 2 of her classes.  Here's what developed in the class...

 Walking Rusty

My Paper Heart

Both classes were incredibly fun and inspiring.  I am so filled with ideas and with the techniques I've learned,  am looking forward to some spare time to get started with my own creations.  

It was also great spending time with Julie again and meeting her sister, Lori.  We had a fun evening drinking wine, eating and chatting about all sorts of things only a group of women can do...lots of laughs.  I also got to meet Ginny Bolou, who I was supposed to room with and who is a friend of Julie's as well.  Ginny and I were invited to come to Julie's in Santa Fe to play art.  What an incredible treat that would be.  I hope that event comes true.

At Art Unraveled, my first art retreat in 2009, I was introduced to the art of Susan Lenart Kazmer and was blown away.  I purchased one of her necklaces and wear it whenever possible.  I have never worn it without getting at least one compliment.  
Not being a jewelry artist, I didn't think it was necessary to take her class.  Then I decided to at least learn some techniques from her since taking the online class, Towers and Turrets with Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock and learning how to make jewelry using my own art.  You can see one of the designs in my previous post.
So, I went ahead and signed up for Susan's Resin class to learn more about resin and what to do with it.  Again, Susan blew me away!  Her class was fantastic!  Here's the piece I finished in her class...

I took two more classes that were just as fun and technique filled.  One with Susan Schenk, called "Collage your pet" and one with Tory Brokenshire, "Can I do that Michelangelo".   I didn't finish the collage I started of Monty Luigi, my Jack Russell Terrier, nor did I finish the piece I started in Tory's class.  However, I had a fantastic time in each class and learned more techniques that will serve me in my future art.  I will post photos when I complete the pieces which will be soon as I intend to finish what I started. 
There are pictures of Tory's class in her recent post and one of my piece as well.  Bet you can't guess which one is mine?  A hint...I was wearing a gray striped shirt and it was peeking out in the photo.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and can't wait to do it again.


Jane Farr said...

Wow, wow, WOW! These pieces are incredible Renee! So glad you had a great experience. I bet your mind is spinning with all the possibilities! Your necklace is sooo cool! :)

Lisa Holtzman said...

Awwww, your polka dot Rusty. You did great on this piece! I LOVE the piece you did in Susan's class...I'm gonna steal it ~ : o

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, these are all so wonderful! amazing art! you are so talented!