Monday, November 22, 2010

Luarie Doctor

The weekend of the 13th-14th, I attended a workshop with Laurie Doctor, an extraordinary teacher and artist/calligrapher.  I signed up for the class soon after it was announced as I knew it was going to get filled up quickly.

It was an exciting 2 days and everyone turned out these incredible works of art.  The techniques I learned I will be able to use in a lot of the mixed media work as well so I was thrilled.

Here's my final piece...although I did do more work on it after this photo was taken.


Jane Farr said...

So glad you enjoyed Laurie's workshop Renee! Thanks for sharing about your experience, and enjoy your new techniques. :)

Ginny Ballou said...

Hi Renee - God, you are so talented! Saw your comment on Julie's blog. She's got a tough row to hoe as the saying goes. I give her credit for even attempting yet again to change someone - especially a Mom!!
Stay in touch, Cutie. I do believe in kindred spirits!!
Hugs, Ginny

Ginny Ballou said...

Hi Renee, Your talent continues to amaze me! I also noted your comment on Julie's blog relative to her latest rescue effort for her Mom. I am really hoping we make Santa Fe a reality - should we try for 2011?? Hugs, Ginny Ballou

Toni said...

Renee that is one class I would love to take someday. Love seeing what you did in class. Great techniques.