Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artful Journey Prayer Flag

Going to Artful Journey in February and taking Jesse Reno's class.  The Prayer Flag is a group offering that I sent off because I thought what a wonderful idea to have prayers hanging to send out to all the world.  What I forgot in my excitement to make this one, my one and only, that it will be hanging outside and it's not weather proof...duh!
Oh well, I hope it at least it survives my stay of 5 days.  I'll take photos when I get up there (Los Gatos, CA).  I'm very happy to be going, taking Jesses workshop and just taking a break from life as I know it. 
 In the meantime, I'm busy working on the Academy Award nomination certificates...this being my 12th year.


Diana said...

You will love Artful Journey if you have not been before and Jesse's class sounds like a lot of fun. Your prayer flag will be a great addition. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Hil-ink said...

How fun for you, Renee. Can't wait to see the photos and everything!

Diana said...

Great flag, Renee. Lucky you going to Artful Journey.....a truly "retreat" experience. Look forward to your photos and the telling of your experience.