Saturday, January 1, 2011

Custom Christmas gift

Every Christmas I create a new piece of art for my dearest friend and sister of choice, Roe (Rosemary).  We met in Brooklyn, N.Y. and know each other for over forty years.  Our children have grown up together and now our grand children are doing the same.
This piece is a hanging quilt collage with family photos old and recent.  It was a joy to make it for her.  I think she now has over a dozen original pieces of art that I created for her that are displayed throughout her home. It's a wonder to me and secretly thrilling when I visit to see a little bit of myself inter weaved among her already beautifully decorated home.  It's a little art journey to see where I've come from and how much I've grown artistically.  The giving is the best part.


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Another heartfelt and heartcreated testimony to your friendship. It's beautiful Renee!