Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Many New....

Broken, Heal, Mend...a theme I've used before on 3 separate small canvas'.

These hearts are made of paper given to me by an old friend a very long time ago who made dozens of them and never used them.  I'm still creating with them after all these years.

Giselle, Valentine ornament for Ten Women Window.

Wooden plaque with fabric hearts.

An angel ala Julie Haymaker Thompson.

A tiny shadow box frame.  I love the size...5x5.

The book of fabric, papers and more.

Some of the pages within the book.

Able to open the acrylic window to look thru the book.  I really enjoy this project.
A book within a shadow box frame.

A new name sign for the gallery.  Some actually purchased my other one.  That was a mystery...

I am definitely an art slut...can't stop creating.  These are just some of the new things and then there are the cards I just can't stop making.  Of course, I am truly blessed to have a venue to sell at.  If I didn't, I'd have to open up a shop or something.  What would I do with everything?  My place is jammed packed with art all over my apartment.  Jon always says that if I lived in a 12 room house, I'd fill every room and every wall.  Is that bad?

Here's some new cards...


mystele said...

i love reading your posts. so much creating going on, renee! love it!

Diane said...

Love these all--you're so talented!

ruthie said...

Loving all the hearty creations, i have a thing about hearts & they are dotted all around our wee home. happy creating x