Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Creations from Artful Journey

Thought I would share photos of some exciting art work that was created in Nina Bagley, Stephanie Lee, Albie Smith and Orly's classes, DJ Pettit's demo and the prayer flags we donated to be displayed at Artful Journey
If it were possible and I had the time, I'd probably have taken each class that's how much they all inspired me in one way or another.

Above are photos of student work in Albie Smith's paste paper class where beautiful books were the finished product. 

Orly Avineri has a different approach to creating papers for one of a kind books.  Using earthy and natural techniques to give a feeling of old, worn and textural.  Just beautiful how each page displays.

Nina Bagley's students created these wonderful little heart necklaces that resonated with me.  All the techniques in making these beautiful pieces left me wondering "how does she come up with these incredible designs?" The students were so engrossed they stayed up well into the evening finishing each days lesson.  I would have done the same after being so inspired.

So in love with this approach to create my art

The projects in Stephanie Lee's class was so inspiring to me that when I came home I purchased Stephanie and Judy Wise's new book, "Plaster Studio"(not due out until May) and I will be taking their online class.  I'm so excited to also be taking Stephanie's workshop at Art Is You in September.  See either blogs for information on the class.

DJ Pettitt did a demo in the evenings of techniques when she creates backgrounds for her wonderful paintings.  So easy and I just love her sense of color...very natural and appealing.  It was a hands on demo and the students were 3 deep waiting to try this direction with great results.  Too much fun!

The green, peach and ecru in the middle is my donation

So many artists donated prayer flags to the event that added a special touch to our dining experience.  Prayer flags are created to blow in the wind to send the Universe their messages.  However, the weather prevented outside display as it rained 3/4 of the time we were there.  Besides, it was wonderful to have art hanging all around the dining room for conversational appeal.

I think for me, there is no better time spent then in the rooms of these wonderful art retreats with amazing  teachers.  Each time I come home, I am filled to the brim with inspiration and new techniques to enhance my art.  So far, I've only experienced the generosity of artist/teacher and their willingness to share their secrets of how they create.  I don't think my work would be where it is today if not for the workshops I've taken and find that the money and time I've spent is worth every penny and minute.  I am in such gratitude for the opportunities that these retreats provide to learn from such a wide range of artist and subject.  I just can't seem to get enough. 


Gwynnie B said...

Renee, it was a pleasure meeting you too at AAJ! I had such a great time creating and meeting other artful souls!

And I'm happy to hear you'll be taking Stephanie's online plaster class. We're going to have some messy fun, I think!!


peggy gatto said...

thanks for the memories and you work is so very colorful!!! Love oscar!!!

lilylovekin said...

Thanks for the memories.

Jane Farr said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all this wonderful and inspiring art Renee!

Stephani Gorman said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing Rene! I am planning on taking Stephanie and Judy's on-line class. I would have loved this retreat. Such a treat to see you pictures! hugs :)

Martha Lever said...

Hi Renee! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pieces of art. I would love to go to an Artful Journal Retreat one of these days. It's just so far for me to travel. I wish one could be on the east coast! But it's still on my bucket list! oxox

Juliette Crane said...

so nice to meet you + work next to you at aaj! it's amazing to see all of this amazing work from other classes! and i'm loving looking at all of your other creations! i was completely inspired by you and your paintings in jesse's class and now i'm even more inspiring by everything here on your blog!

happy creating!

Gaby Bee said...

Thanks for sharing all these amazing and inspiring pieces of art, Renee! I wish I lived closer...

Thanks for your kind visit my friend!

Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

Renee, saw your post on WestCoastArtist is you site. Love what you are up to. I look forward to meeting you at the Retreat. I am taking Stephanie Lee's class on Sunday perhaps we will be in the class. Keep up the great work!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

I hope one day to attend this retreat also. What lovelies you created.