Friday, June 3, 2011

New Work for Ten Women Gallery

ACCEPTANCE - Mosaic collage in shadow box frame

COURAGE - Not yet framed mosaic collage

EMERGE FROM THE MIST - Plaster on burlap mounted on wood

Close of texture

Hidden title

Ten Women Venice Gallery is about to close it's doors on Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA due to the loss of our lease.  The lease ended a few months ago and the landlord did not offer us a renewal.  Instead, he leased it to a restauranteur to develop another new eating locale in this wonderfully old and charming area which is now an up and coming and raising quickly area.

Abbot Kinney, Venice, 11 years ago when Ten Women Venice first leased the space, was a run down artsy area that you almost couldn't rent for free.  Over these past 11 years, we watched it slowly develop into  "THE" place to be seen, eat and hang out.  It's about a 5-6 block strip of now mostly new hi end retail stores and very new residential loft type buildings.  The rent has sky rocketed to $7 a square foot and the average retail space is around 1,000 square feet.  The new buildings are renting for $15,000 per month.  They will be building a parking facility behind one side of AK on the next block north and planting trees and discontinuing parking on the street itself. This to be completed by 2012.  After searching hi and low for another affordable space of AK we came up so short and one year too late.

What will happen and where Ten Women Venice Gallery ends up is anyone's guess.  For me, the possible loss is heart breaking.  But, for the last month, I decided to create as much as possible and fill my space with all fresh new art.  Not much time so I better get back to the studio...


lilylovekin said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your gallery space. One wishes for success of a place and yet has to regret the changes that it brings. I'm loving the art that you displayed on your blog today. Best wishes creating in your studio.

Jo Murray said...

Sorry to hear of the closing of another gallery. It's happening all over, even here in Australia. I guess more people will be showing work on the net for sale. Not such a bad idea, but I'll miss those days gallery-crawling with my friends.

Jane Farr said...

I'm sorry Renee. This is sad. To help breathe life into an area and then be given the boot would be heartbreaking. May there yet be a new - but not quite so up and coming - area looking for artists such as the Ten Women. ((Hugs))

Jo Wholohan said...

hi renee, just popping over from plaster class, this piece so speaks to the textile and texture girl in me, stunning xx

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hi Renee, that's so sad about the lease and loosing your space. I hope you ladies can find some place to call home. It sounded like such a special place and I always hoped to visit one day.

Love all the work you are doing, especially the plaster pieces.

xo jo

Diana said...

I feel your heartache, Renee. How sad for you gals to lose your outlet for your artwork. I know, however, that when one door closes another opens. So stay open to the possibilities that will bless you.