Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still Going With TIexture

"If Not Now, When?"

The last touch of texture...the feather.

Top portion

I added a handmade shadow box frame for this piece "A New Day" created from foam core board, plaster gauze and joint compound.  Construction of frame learned from Julie Haymaker Thompson

Detail shot of frame
I'm still hot and heavy creating with textures.  I keep going back to the videos of the online classes I signed up for and taking advantage of my continuing interest, I'm doing all the steps the lessons are providing.  There are so many techniques between the two workshops, "The Plaster Studio" and "Texture Town", that I will probably be busy creating with texture for quite awhile.  So many possibilities, I need little outside inspiration right now.  It's been wonderful!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I think I'm totally in love with texture!!!!  I just love to see peeks and crevices, fibers and raised elements popping off the substrate.  It could be canvas, wood, fabric or long as it has a textural look or feel to it, I'm there, looking, exploring, seeing how that shadow was created.  Why does that look like it's jumping off the surface, etc. etc.

I'm exploring many different areas of art that involve creating textures right now and I'm more passionate about creating than ever before.  My footing is still off but I'm starting to feel the ground the more I venture forward into all this new product I'm using and learning about.  It feels so right to me and I'm very excited. 

Here's what's new for me...

"Sacred Space"

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again...Joseph Campbell

When I feel lost, I see the world as too big to handle so I go inward.  I am always safe when I go there.  "Your Sacred Space" is about turning within reconnecting with who I am so I don't get overwhelmed.

Here...take it!

Frame created to house the heart to be given as a gift.

Home of the Heart


Changing one's direction can be's like sliding off a cliff

One needs to be connected spiritually to be out on a limb while taking that leap

These new pieces have a lot of meaning to me, spiritually and artistically. The more I learn technique, the more I understand where I want to take my art.

I've been taking Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise's online workshop which was one of the best online workshop for many reasons...The Plaster Studio... and Land of Lost Luggage, Texture Town workshop with Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard.  Between the two, I've gained a wealth of knowledge about product and creating texture and how to approach and create anything that my 3-dimensional world of imagination could come up with.  Now if I could just find a workshop that can create more time to do all those things, I'll be in heaven.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Plaster Studio Workshop and Textures from New York

"Just Be"

 I'm taking an online class with Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise called The Plaster Workshop
that I'm loving.  If I wasn't so busy with work, I'd be doing all the techniques that are being so generously taught in this workshop which are many and adding a few of my own.
I highly recommend this class!

Texture added with a rubber stamp into joint compound

A little square of paste paper created awhile ago and applied as a design factor

This brass piece is a large decorative tack that I had forever


Grid created pattern

This subject work is so different for me and the techniques that I'm learning are stretching my imagination in all different directions.  I use so many mixed media and 3-dimensional avenues in my art and I am a happy camper to learn all these new and exciting directions to take my art.  It's never ending...

I just returned from a trip to New York where I was born and raised.  The entire city is like walking through an art gallery which was a feast for my eyes.  With this new direction I'm taking in my art here's a sampling of what my new eyes saw while visiting this great city.

Only in New York does the moss on the buildings grow in such amazing colors
I took plenty more photos for inspiration.  I had a great time and will post more later.