Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No News Isn't Necessarily Good News

It's been so long since I posted on my art blog I may have forgotten how it all works. It's been since July, August, whenever I returned from Phoenix that things just changed and I don't really know why. So much has happened in these few months that would be just too much to go into so I think what I'll do is slowly work backwards.

Today, I am 6 days post-op from my hysterectomy. Precautionary they said, pre-cancer they said, everything has to come out they said. Okay, take the damn things out!

It was done robotic laproscopically where they use robot hands to do the dirty work. Imagine that! And, they sent me home as soon as they could get me off the table. Big mistake my friend! The next day I was in the ER with such severe chest pains I wanted to die.

When they do laproscopic surgery, they fill you with air to lift everything out of the way. When it's all over, it's up to you to deal with the gas. Me and the gas didn't get along so well. It's a long story, but the long and short of it is that because of my "J-pouch" (replaced colon from colon cancer) I don't expel gas like everyone else. The gas decided because it couldn't get out "that way", it was going to travel up and out the other way...NOT! It all got lodged in my chest pressing on my heart and lungs making it excruciating to breathe. It was even in my neck for heavens sake.

After numerous tests ruling out heart and lungs, it turns out the gas has to leave on it's own.......this according to the emergency room doctors. Imagine my surprise to learn that they can remove my female organs robotically but they can't give you anything for f..king gas. Getting out of the ER was another story for another post. All I can say to that is, if you don't have to go there, don't.

Finally home, my son Greg stopped by and immediately went to get me Zantac. Literally saved the day. A little Zantac and Alka Seltzer and I was on my way to a better day.

Tomorrow is the removal of the catheter and 13-14 staples strategically located around my abdomen closing 6 wounds created for the robot arms and I should be as good as gold.

I hope I never have to have surgery again but if I do, it's definitely gonna be because I have no other choice. Otherwise, they will have to drag me in kicking and screaming.

On a good news note, I have lots of photos of work I've created over these months, from my trip to ArtIsYou in Petaluma and to tell you all about the new home of Ten Women Venice Gallery.

Thanks for letting me vent.