Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ten Women On Montana Open For Business

Ten Women on Montana opened our doors this week  for business.  Our new home feels fresh, classy, organized and looks like a wonderful gallery with fabulous art for sale.  Here's a look at our opening window, the over all display of  inside the gallery and of course, my space and new jewelry items I have for sale.

First window display on Montana
Looking into the gallery from the front door
Looking out from the counter area
Some of my art for window display
My mixed media art in my new space
"And this too shall pass" necklace
"Holiday Treat" necklace made with old vintage rhinestone pin
"Charmed I'm Sure" necklace
"Hidden Meaning" necklace
A Stone's Throw" necklace
"Bejeweled" necklace
"Amore" necklace

 I have so much more that I have created, in the midst of creating and have ideas for creating.  I'm so blessed and excited to be in our new home and feel confident we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

In gratitude...always.

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E Makes Art said...

The gallery looks great! Congrats. And no wonder your jewelry is selling, it's amazing!!! You are so darn talented. I need to make it out there one day and see your work in person.