Friday, December 16, 2011

Commission Work

A few years ago a lovely women purchased a mosaic collage entitled "Gratitude" from Ten Women Venice.  She saved my contact information and commissioned me to do 8 mosaic collages to give as gifts to each of her family members this Christmas.
She chose the word "Powerful" as the theme.  Each letter had a specific meaning and was to be used in all 8 shadow boxes.
P - Prayerful
O - Obedient
W - Worthy
E- Eternal
R - Reverent
F - Forthright
U - Understanding
L - Loving

Here's what I created for her......

Powerful 8 unframed
Powerful 7 unframed
Powerful 6 unframed
Powerful 5 unframed
Powerful 4 unframed
Powerful 3 unframed
Powerful 2 unframed
Powerful 1 framed
A grouping of 4 framed 
It was quite challenging to create 8 very different views of the same word and overall theme going to the same person.  Sometimes I surprise myself.
As far as I know, all arrived safely and my client was happy with what I created for her.


E Makes Art said...

Renee, these are wonderful! That would be hard to do 8 different views, but of course you did it, and beautifully too. And what an amazing woman she must be to be gifting these to her family! Luck recipients.


Lisa Holtzman said...

Fantastic Renee! What a creative challenge, and of course you did beautiful art and variety. You never cease to amaze me.

Denise Bledsoe said...

Every little piece of each mosaic is so interesting. The people receiving these must have been thrilled! xoxo