Monday, December 5, 2011

Since my hysterectomy

Just needing to express my gratitude for finally being on the mend today.  It has been a very challenging time for me health-wise.

Since my last post about the challenges I was dealing with after my hysterectomy, I have since had 2 more surgeries.  I knew I wasn't right and something was amiss inside of me because I just didn't feel quite right.

I had a calligraphy workshop the weekend of Nov. 19-20th that I was looking forward to for a long time.  Saturday all went well but Sunday was another story.  Right after lunch I went to relieve myself and because my bladder was still numb from the hysterectomy I was straining to urinate.  I felt a pop and a pain shot up into my gut that took my breathe away.  I came out and mentioned what I was experiencing to a friend and then I felt the strangest thing. As I was sitting with my legs stretched out and trying to let the pain pass, something started to throb between my legs.  It was a weird feeling so I went back to the restroom to check it out.  What happened next changed my outlook on life.  As I explored what was pulsing, I reached down and literally held my intestines in my hands which had fallen out of my vagina.  Within the next 20 minutes I was on a gurney, pushed into an ambulance and rushed to UCLA Medical Hospital where they performed emergency surgery to put things back where they belonged. 

What I was told was that my stitches from the hysterectomy didn't hold up and 2 feet of intestines fell through my vagina which is what was in my hands.  Bizarre is not quite the word that would describe what I was feeling during this ordeal.  Unfortunately, the next day, the doctor who did the emergency surgery felt that the section of intestines that had escaped did not get enough blood and oxygen while exposed and he needed to go back in to remove that section.  Hence...the third and hopefully final surgery.

I'm post op a little over 2 weeks now and finally seeing the light at the end.  It's been an horrendous ordeal with everything that went on in the hospital and the strangeness of the experience, I can only say how grateful I am to be writing this post, sitting upright with no tubes up my nose and down my throat, needles in my arms or catheter, sleeping in my own bed and surrounded by my pets, art and family.  I am looking forward to a full recovery and a prosperous, peaceful, happy and healthy 2012.

I can let it go now....I hope.

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E Makes Art said...

Oh my goodness Renee!!! I haven't stopped by for quite a while... and, wow, I didn't expect this!! Oh my dear, I am SO very sorry that you had to go through this horrendous nightmare!! I truly feel for you. I pray that you heal quickly and completely, and that things hold up as they should. wow. My prayers are with you.