Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Word is ART...the beginning

Just rented
Isn't she beautiful!  This is the front of my brand new artist gallery.  It's right on a busy corner where the sun shines on it all day.  This is a morning shot where the sun is coming from the east, rounding south and by the afternoon will light up the entire space.  I have 3 high windows along the left side of the building that allows the light in towards the back of the space.
The larger window will be where each artist will have a chance to shine.
I have so many windows that I need to be creative and come up with ideas for the the others.  The 3 windows over the display window has matching windows on the other side of the door.  I'm going to add lights around them and keep them lit at night.  The sign will be in the window over the door above the address and the windows along side will have some stripes for more visual attention.

This is a view facing the rear from about 1/3 the way
Standing well into the space, I took this photo facing the rear.  Where the items are will be my studio area and where I will provide teaching space. Above that is for storage and doors will be built to provide coverage for that.  Curtains will be hung in front of the studio area for privacy. The door to the right leads onto a wonderful patio.

The patio facing west showing a view of the bathroom
A view facing east but you can get a feel of how large it is
I purchased 3 lovely round tables and will put a variety of  chairs around them for art events or even sit out there to have lunch.  So many plans, too many to mention right now.  I will eventually have planters all around, umbrella's and maybe even some graffiti on the walls.  Ah, the world is my oyster right now....all I need is time and a larger budget.

I am going to post the other photos I took as I progress when I have another moment.  I was so anxious to share at least the beginnings of my new adventure, The Word is ART Artist Gallery which is located in Culver City, California's art district. Yay!

I am currently seeking artists to show their work so if you are interested, please contact me at or call me at 310-428-1544.  I would love to share my dream with you.

Stay tuned as the gallery develops...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm Leaving The Gallery

My space at Ten Women Gallery on Montana
It's been just about 4 years since I joined Ten Women.  We were located on Abbot Kinney in Venice when I started with them and I loved it.  Part of the excitement was because we were located in Venice and at the time, it was just starting to develop into what it is today. 
If you googled it, you would read that it's the hottest spot in Los Angeles.  The place to go to walk the 6 or 7 blocks of wonderful clothes, art, eateries, antiques, galleries, etc. etc, that just keeps expanding and enticing people to want to experience it.  It just keeps evolving into this developing area where celebrities go and probably own half the real estate because they are, I guess, the only people who could afford the properties or rent at the moment for that matter...which is why Ten Women had to leave.

The new gallery location on Montana in Santa Monica, is a very nice area where there are a variety of stores along the avenue, some decent restaurants and was, at one time, a lovely place to take a stroll, shop and have lunch.  It went through a hard time of recent years when lots of the stores closed due to lack of customers, etc.  For some odd reason, it just went South.  It's just starting to change during the past few years, so my guess is that it's a good place to be, with giving it some time to develop and pick up business again.  This is not why I'm leaving the gallery.

Ten Women is a womans artist cooperative where the art is juried in, the artist pays their rent for the space they are given and once a week, does a shift at the gallery, joins a committee and attends as many meetings as possible.   The meetings are held once a month unless there are urgent issues, there is an agenda to follow where the current issues are discussed and voted on and/or anything else that a member may want to discuss on a personal matter.  For the most part, this works out quite well.  Every one gets a say, a vote is taken and things get decided based on the majority.  No one is suppose to be in charge......Not True! It's also a pain staking process to get a group of women to decide on lots of issues.  We all think we are right after all and things that are not decided on get put off till the next meeting...and so on.  Could take months, maybe never, to get a final vote.

Without getting into who did what, who said what and what I think is terribly wrong with some of the "rules" and "strong opinions" of some members, suffice it to say that I am not happy with the negative and limited mentality of some of the senior members. 

I believe I have just out grown the venue and feel held back.  For the most part, I've done very well in Venice and am 7th in sales on Montana.  There are 23 artists at present so that is doing pretty well I have to admit.  I mostly make my rent each month ($200) plus, and my shift is an opening shift on a Thursday morning for 2 1/2 hours which works out well for my busy schedule.

Why not stay? might ask...  The decision was made based on my passion, my dream to have my own and to experience freedom in what I sell and how much I sell.  I do not have that potential at Ten Women.   I was originally juried in for my mixed media art, then I started making a lot of jewelry and was juried in for it, but I can only exhibit 10 pieces in my space at a time.  These are the rules and they do not want to change the rules as they do not want to be known as a jewelry store.  There are only 3 jewelers allowed at any one time except for this limited amount another artist may want to sell.  The truth is, jewelry sells and brings in customers.  However, this is not an issue that the members want to discuss as they are tired of me bringing it up.  I stopped.

In any case, this is just one obstacle I've encountered and I am no long willing to experience the frustration of being held back.  I truly believe that when one door closes, another opens.  I also believe I am ready to fulfill my dream.

Today, I saw the modest gallery/studio space I believe is meant to be mine.  I've inquired by leaving a message and hopefully, I will find out more details tomorrow.  So, with that said, this story will continue....

Wish me luck ;-)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthdays and Just Because gifts

A brass cuff I made for Lisa, one of my favorite people in all the world.  It's hand written and etched with the quote by Nelson Mandela made famous by Marianne Williamson and framed by wire wrapping sparkly beads and lined in thin, soft suede.

This piece was a request and I made it with particular influence inspired.  I hope she likes what I created for her.

A birthday gift for a dear friend with the same quote by Nelson Mandela written out on aged muslin, rolled and tucked away in a soldered vessel made from copper pipe and metal ephemera.  It was presented as a necklace worn long.

A small brass cuff with an old watch face embellished with a pewter heart and hot pink glass glitter resined inside and wired onto the cuff for my 8 year old beautiful grand daughter.  I'm not sure she got it but maybe some day she'll appreciate altered art.  She's very artistic, so hopefully she'll see the elements that were put together for this piece.  It was sweet and tiny and I love when I can create with purpose.  It makes all the difference.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Art Unraveled

Susan Lenart Kazmer's Figurative Sculpture...her class was based around where you can take jewelry making.  This piece actually holds a variety of jewelry which enhances the overall look and concept.  It's just brilliant!  The figure itself is made from ICE resin which was casted from a mold that she taught us to make first.  The entire 2 day class was exciting and filled to the brim with techniques.

A student's work from SLK's class.  Had too many photos to post.  I'm just glad to blog about these.

From Diane Cook's class "Framed" we made necklaces with photos framed with Mother of Pearl buckles which were in our kits for class.  I actually learned how to drill holes in the MofP under water.  What a thrill to be able to do it.  This is one of Diane's pieces that I admired.  A photo below taken with Diane, I am wearing what I created in class.

These are student pieces made in Lisa Pavelka's "Framed" class using Art Clay which is created using torch firing.  I particularly like the ones that have the black and white stripe edge.  My piece did not as it just didn't work out.  I was however, thrilled beyond belief to be able to create with Art Clay using the torch.  At one time you could only finish with a kiln which I wasn't willing to purchase know my "moving on to other things" attitude.  I first learned of Lisa when I was working with polymer clay which she is proficient in.  It was a good class.

My final class was with Debbi Simon teaching casting and making pieces from originals that I love and am selective about what I want to do with it.  The technique taught feed me to create another into resin and make it look like a bronze metal piece as shown here.  These are actually resin with bronze metal powder mixed in.  It was fascinating and I was filled with ideas by the time I left the class.  Debbi is a great teacher as are they all.  She teaches for Beaducation and is very knowledgeable about so many different techniques.  I am glad to have discovered her.
Diane Cook and me wearing what I happily created in her fabulous "Framed" class.

Susan and I at the end of her 2 day class.  Look at that smile on her!  She is really like that all the time...bubbly, happy and puts out an enormous amount of energy teaching.  She has an enviable career well deserved.  I don't know any other artist quite like her and her incredible designs.  Love, love, love!
Susan is holding what I created in her class.  I have plans to change some things and add to it.  It was very challenging for me to create such an expressive piece of work in just 2 days.  Usually it takes me weeks to make something a lot less involved.  I was proud of my attempts.

Art Unraveled is one of my favorite teaching venue because I can drive there, it has fabulous classes/teachers, it is well organized  by Linda and Chuck and I get to visit with lots of old and new friends.

Speaking of friends, I once again stayed with my wonderfully brilliant and creative friend, JoAnna Pierotti and her sweet and loving husband, Ron.  Each time I stay with them, I get to know Jo and Ron better and better and they have added to my life experience with gracious hospitality and friendship.  I just love them both...and my puppy face, Willow too.  I am blessed to call them friends.  I look forward to seeing and sharing time with them again, hopefully next year.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Few New Pieces

Assemblage earrings

Learned in BoHo Bliss online class

Brass cuff assembled after Diane Cooks class Art By The Sea

BoHo Bliss

Assemblage pair

Sweet and simple

Hammered brass hoops

Cuff 2

Cuff 3

Sweet and fun

These look great on


This is the cuff made in Diane Cooks class at Coronado.  That's a photo of my grandson when he was about one year.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Always So Inspired

I had a discussion with someone recently about why artists are so easily distracted.  I can only speak for myself, I said, I am always inspired by other peoples art.  It makes me want to start a new project or learn a new technique.  She proposed that when we distract ourselves and become obsessed, we are running from listening to what's going on inside which she thinks ultimately is the important thing.  She meditates and is always in peace and joyful spirit.

I said, being a mixed media artist, it doesn't stop at calligraphy, which continues to serve me professionally and financially, but by handmade jewelry, which is my new passion, art dolls, collage paintings, assemblage, etc.  I  can sometimes drive myself to a point where I start so many things after being inspired, nothing gets done.  It becomes an additive process for me.

She said, see what I mean?

I consider myself healthy spiritually and am always focused on doing the right thing for myself and others.  Art doesn't hurt me, in fact, in brings me much joy.  So is my art an addiction?  I always thought additions were bad for you.  Is my art and wanting to create a way to avoid my life?

I think perhaps I'll be more mindful of where my life is heading at the times when I become obsessively distracted by art.  My friend, being the loving true friend that she is, always gives me food for thought.

Some of my new pieces...

An assemblage pair - glass beads, silver alloy metals and handmade ear hooks
A necklace created using Precious Metal Clay with fun fibers added for my need of color

Hand embossed and painted, lamp trim added and ear hooks handmade
Assemblage of a variety of beads connected to silver chain
Hand cut copper pipe assembled using stone flat beads, silver and brass findings with handmade ear hooks
Hand embossed and painted with handmade ear hooks SOLD
This piece sold at Ten Women Gallery
Handmade frame to accommodate the vintage focal piece filled with resin and metal findings. Natural dried flowers adorn under encaustic bees wax
Handmade frame to accommodate vintage focal piece which was filled with resin and collaged.  Natural dried flowers added under encaustic bees wax
A closer look

Collage on canvas with paste on letters

So, maybe I am avoiding my life but...I'm having a hell of a time...such fun creating!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sharing of Beauty

I came across this site called Hearts of Glass and needed to share it.  The photos that I scrolled through were thought provoking, stunning, filled me with longing, desire and stimulated my mind with wonder.  I needed to write a post about it and show a sampling of photos I delightfully and visually inhaled.
There is so much to see so if you visit, be prepared to be there awhile....enjoy!