Friday, February 3, 2012

What's New

In my crazy world, if I don't have several things going at the same time, I'm thinking something is wrong or I'm just too darn busy.
I'm really busy now with the Academy Award Nomination Certificates so I thought I'd sneak in a post with a variety of things I've created over the past month or two,  probably more like 2 when I had lots of down time from the surgeries.

On wood for Ten Women Gallery to hang over the counter...see's the logo with "on montana" added throwing in a little calligraphy just for the fun of it.

Over the counter

A sweet wood cradled substrate using encaustic techniques...titled "This Too Shall Pass" Being sold at Ten Women

For the Valentines window at Ten Women I made some ornaments.  This is wire framed heart shape adding lace, tulle, silk ribbon dried flowers which I stiffened to protect them and attached with glue

Necklace: Trying my hand at bezels and soldering with resin to hold the floral goody inside the bezel

Necklace: Soldered piece of brass with mixed silver heart
Necklace: Soldered piece of brass with "gratitude" stamped into it and a touch of the angel to watch over
Necklace: Small piece of brass with soldered bezel filled with tiny beads and silver heart held in by resin overlay
Necklace:  Three stand twisted with a large variety of beads, charms fiber and yarn which when worn on a solid colored top makes a tremendous statement.  You don't need anything else.
Wood substrate, wood hearts, mixed media collage with encaustic overlay

A fun heart ornament for Ten Women gallery Valentine window

Mixed media fabric collage for Valentine

I'm sure you could see how much fun I was having.  There's a lot more and this is just a taste of what I've been doing and how I spend the majority of time.  I truly believe this is an addiction that keeps me away from my "real life" to which I'm not sure what that means..."real life".  OK, so I'm just an art slut and will pick up an art tool and try anything for anyone, anytime.

I just wouldn't have it any other way and I'm blessed beyond imagination to be able to do what I love best in my... "real life".


Riki Schumacher said...

Wonderful variety Renee, love seeing what you have been up to. I too consider myself in that category! What fun it is to play with new things and try them out. Beautiful expressions of love y made. Xoxo Riki

Denise Bledsoe said...

Renee Dearest,
As I always say...there's nothing you can't do! Love all of this work. The little Valentine ornament is adorable. Love you.