Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Window To Shine

This is my 2 weeks to shine at Ten Women Gallery.  I have the window...but wouldn't you know it, my camera pooped out on me to take photos to brag about.  It's all okay though as I've purchased a new one.  I just haven't gotten it yet.  It's ordered from Amazon...my new favorite place to buy things.

So these photos were taken with my broken (no flash) camera and Jon's phone camera.  Hope you get the idea.


Lisa Holtzman said...

Having seen your window up close and personal, I know it's a knock out. Your versatility and supreme talent surely does shine through your window!

Denise Bledsoe said...

No way anyone could walk by this window without stopping to check everything out!! Big Girl grabs you, then your eye goes to all the other treasures. Without even "seeing" what else is in the gallery, (a-hem) your window would make me want to go in to see everything else. BRAVO Renee!

Denise Bledsoe said...

So caught up in your window, I forgot to say how much I love your new blog format. The wallpaper is extra cool to have your artwork extended there too. The callagraphic touches are perfect! xoxo

robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Renee, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I finally found yours and so impressed with your work. Congrats on the display and the Academy awards! How impressive!