Saturday, June 9, 2012

Always So Inspired

I had a discussion with someone recently about why artists are so easily distracted.  I can only speak for myself, I said, I am always inspired by other peoples art.  It makes me want to start a new project or learn a new technique.  She proposed that when we distract ourselves and become obsessed, we are running from listening to what's going on inside which she thinks ultimately is the important thing.  She meditates and is always in peace and joyful spirit.

I said, being a mixed media artist, it doesn't stop at calligraphy, which continues to serve me professionally and financially, but by handmade jewelry, which is my new passion, art dolls, collage paintings, assemblage, etc.  I  can sometimes drive myself to a point where I start so many things after being inspired, nothing gets done.  It becomes an additive process for me.

She said, see what I mean?

I consider myself healthy spiritually and am always focused on doing the right thing for myself and others.  Art doesn't hurt me, in fact, in brings me much joy.  So is my art an addiction?  I always thought additions were bad for you.  Is my art and wanting to create a way to avoid my life?

I think perhaps I'll be more mindful of where my life is heading at the times when I become obsessively distracted by art.  My friend, being the loving true friend that she is, always gives me food for thought.

Some of my new pieces...

An assemblage pair - glass beads, silver alloy metals and handmade ear hooks
A necklace created using Precious Metal Clay with fun fibers added for my need of color

Hand embossed and painted, lamp trim added and ear hooks handmade
Assemblage of a variety of beads connected to silver chain
Hand cut copper pipe assembled using stone flat beads, silver and brass findings with handmade ear hooks
Hand embossed and painted with handmade ear hooks SOLD
This piece sold at Ten Women Gallery
Handmade frame to accommodate the vintage focal piece filled with resin and metal findings. Natural dried flowers adorn under encaustic bees wax
Handmade frame to accommodate vintage focal piece which was filled with resin and collaged.  Natural dried flowers added under encaustic bees wax
A closer look

Collage on canvas with paste on letters

So, maybe I am avoiding my life but...I'm having a hell of a time...such fun creating!


Lorie said...

Hi Renee! I just saw your post on Julie Thompson's blog and wanted to reconnect with you. Are you planning to go to An Artful Journey again in February? I hope so, would love to see you again. Lorie from Phoenix

Anonymous said...

i'm also all over the place with my art and i'm loving every minute of it. i am the most happiest in my studio and am very grateful that i have a great space where i can create whatever i want whenever i want. i wish we were all so lucky :)

btw, i never got my journal back. i guess it will just have to be there floating around in the universe lol