Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's been about a year since I've posted and so much has happened in that year. I closed my gallery, had surgery that changed the way I eat and function, lost a dear friend and now look at life from a different perspective.

I made a decision to close the gallery because of illness that had me in and out of the hospital 9 times since it opened in November 2012.  The doctors just could not fix what was causing the blockages.  I would go into the hospital, come out again, feel fine then end up right back in several weeks or a few months later with the same condition.  So, closing the gallery was a bitter sweet decision but I knew intuitively that I couldn't do it anymore.

The gallery closed June 30, 2014 and I was back in the hospital in September in worse shape than ever before.  The timing was creepy.  It was this last time that a liver oncologist happen to be on call and knew finally exactly what was wrong based on my past medical history.  I was very near my end as the blockage had completely stopped everything from existing my body including fluids so it was on an emergency basis that I was brought into surgery.

I had colon cancer over 10 years ago and my colon was replaced with what they call a "J pouch".  I then had a complete hysterectomy in 2011 and a month into the healing, my intestines fell out of my vagina while in a calligraphy workshop with 20+ other women. (So relieved there were no men taking this class.)  I was rushed to UCLA and had 2 feet of the intestines that dropped out removed.  

Okay,so now I'm missing my colon, all my female parts and approximately 2 1/2 feet of intestines.  I wonder what's holding everything up in there. :^) In any case, that's a lot of surgery and with every surgery there is scar tissue.  Because of where the scar tissue is, those areas got blocked and twisted.  In the past, it would correct itself after about a week with no food or liquids.  This last time however, nothing was able to pass through and after 5 days in bed at home I instinctive knew I was in trouble.

After the final surgery and 7 more days in the hospital, I was sent home to adjust.  Okay, this adjustment is a whole other story and not a pretty one at that.  Suffice it say, I am doing okay now and am grateful that I escaped narrowly with my life.  I feel that God has something more for me to do since I'm still around.  I just have to figure out what that is.  My dear friend JoAnna Pierotti did not escape and died February 16th after her second battle with breast cancer.  This is the first death of a close friend for me and I am taking it pretty hard.  I really miss her creative energy and sweet spirit.  I think about her every day.

I wasn't able to create anything from June of last year until December between having so much to do to close the gallery and the intense healing that seemed to take so much time.  Since then, I've created a few things that I thought I would post so there is something more of interest then a gloomy prognosis of health issues.

So here it goes...

The Dancer - Mixed Media on canvas

"Here" - Take my heart mixed media on canvas

Gratitude - Mosaic collage in shadow box frame

Mixed media bird

Fun beaded key chains

Necklace - etched, soldered and wire wrapped

A variety of necklaces - had fun creating

"Light of my Soul" - first attempt at intentional abstract art

I'm so glad to look at some of what I've created in these several months since I always feel like I'm so busy and have no time to create or I don't feel well enough.  Taking a class with Stephanie Lee really helped me get back into the swing of things.  I absolutely love the teaching process and learning new techniques to apply to my own art.  It's so gratifying to know how to achieve what I envision.  Life is good...I'm blessed to be an artist. 

I'm inspired to continue blogging now so...see you next time.

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Lisa Holtzman said...

Absolutely wonderful! You are a fantastic artist. LOVE your new abstract, you achieved so much depth and emotion in it.