Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Art Created from finding Muse

"Red Sails" Mixed media abstract acrylic painting on gesso cradle board

"Delphine" Mix Media acrylic painting on canvas

Mix Media assemblage in metal

Bird Necklace in metal, polymer clay bird

Bird necklace "Freedom"
 I've been busy since getting my strength back after a long 4 months of no desire to create.  
Took a few classes with Chris Cozen and Riki Schumacher at Liz's Loft over the past month or so.  A few things I've done on my own.  "Red Sails" and "Finding Joy" I started in Chris' class and they ended up not looking anything like what it started out to be.  "Red Sails" is abstract which I don't do often because I find it difficult.  I much prefer to work on a subject I can recognize like "Delphine".  I will have them scanned and maybe sell them.
The bird subjects were in Riki's weekend long workshop.  I love taking classes and learning new techniques.  I never get enough...
The little bird in a cage was created around a metal box which opens, perhaps a pill box originally.  It stands about 10" and since I collect odd bird items, this was a perfect addition.
The necklace is large and a bit heavy but definitely makes a statement.  I hung mine on the wall among my bird things.
I'm now taking an online class to learn to paint animals.  I have my four fur babies and I can practice on them.  Watch for them...

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